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GASB 45 Valuations at a Discount Price

Sponsoring a pension plan for your employees carries great responsibility.  You need a trusted advisor to assist you with this responsibility.  You need an actuary with experience and credentials you can rely on.



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My services are distinguished by these three guiding principles:

Maintain a high level of quality by focusing on one thing and doing it well

 Lower fees than my competitors because my overhead costs are lower

 Personalized service for all clients

The services that I provide can be tailored to your organizationís needs, and may include some or all of:

  Annual Actuarial Valuations, including:

  Determination of minimum required funding under ERISA

  Determination of maximum deductible funding

  Preparation of the annual PBGC premium filings

 Presentations to your Board or management team

  Analysis of the impacts of proposed changes to your plan

  Calculation of pension benefits for your employees

  Updates about developments in the benefits area

  Employee communications

  Preparation of plan documents and amendments, for review by your legal counsel

  Determination of annual accounting costs for post-retirement health and welfare plans, under FASB 106 or GASB 45

  Consulting about the impacts of statutory, regulatory or contractual requirements

  Non-discrimination testing, as necessary to comply with Federal requirements

  Preparation of the annual IRS Form 5500 filing, including the Schedule SB actuarial certification

  Preparation of the Summary Annual Report, for you to distribute to your employees

  Calculation of all amounts needed for compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Standards (e.g. FASB Statements nos. 35, 87, 88, 106 and 132) and (GASB Statements 25, 27 and 45)

Please call me at 1-800-594-4590 to learn how I can help you lower the cost of operating your pension plan.

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